• Date: March 23, 2020
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Since the coronavirus was announced to be a global pandemic, many businesses have either decided to shut their doors or continue working as normal with precautionary measures in place.

At this time we know that because of Covid-19 there has been a severe impact on foot traffic and sales to physical businesses, therefore during this time we recommend taking the time to look at your digital marketing strategies to allow your business to be profitable throughout and beyond Covid-19

Be present in the eyes of your target audience

With a severe impact on traffic to your physical location, it is important to keep driving traffic to your digital location; this includes your website and social media platforms.

Make your social media the new entry point to your business during this time. Due to many people working from home at this time, they are spending more time than ever before browsing through social platforms, therefore creating a great opportunity to reach out to your current and potential customers.

Keeping your customers informed of any changes or updates in your business. Offering them potential products and services and keeping communication lines wide open.

Look at doing paid ads

Many may think that it’s not a great idea to put in ad spend at this time when revenue may be taking a hit, but it has been said that companies who refocus their marketing budget instead of cutting it during such times are typically the ones that come out top when all is done.

Right now your competitors will most likely not be advertising in order to cut back on costs. Platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads are seeing declines in ad spend, which means your competitors aren’t running ads, which means your ad spend will go further as bids will be low.

Staying engaged with your customers during this time means they are more likely to stick with you when Covid-19 dies down.

Improving your digital presence

We believe that during this time it has become obvious that having a strong digital presence is important. Now that most may be working from home you can take the time to re-focus your energy in the improving your online presence

  1. Keep your social platforms updated
  2. Consider branching out to other social platforms that could potentially be beneficial to your business
  3. Create a google my business account
  4. Start a blog for your website
  5. Refresh your website content
  6. Install chatbot for any customers needed to reach out to you

The outcome

At this point no one’s knows how long the Covid-19 crisis will last, but for those businesses who choose to focus and adjust there marketing strategies according they are the ones who will come out on top. Investing in your online presence is on the best ways to ensure that your customers will stay engaged, even from home.