• Date: April 8, 2020
  • Author: Pixel
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Videoconferencing has verifiably been a low-level, background tech, intended for specific remote worldwide working environments, individuals who work at home, or long distance chats between friends and family. But in today’s world we can add pandemic to the list of reasons why people might start using a conferencing app.

As many may be currently working from home and social distancing has become a reality, video conferencing apps have become a vital everyday tool.


Zoom is an easy way to stay connected with your team and clients regardless of your location. This app delivers high-quality video and audio, also comes with screen sharing and cross-platform instant messaging features.

Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts is a great way to keep your business connected. Simple to use, this app includes high-definition video calling, as well as audio phone calls. It is easy to access with a one-click shared link. Working together with Google Calendar it is easy to schedule meeting details and give access to join right away.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Complete with sharing and chat, this app is great for holding engaging, productive video and audio conferences from any location. With this app you are able to schedule meetings or join with one single click. This conferencing app even gives you the option to customise video layouts and the option to share your content and screen.

Microsoft Teams

If your business is using Office 365 you should be familiar with this app, where you can easily access chats, files, meetings and share a workspace. This app allows you to manage projects on the go complete with file sharing and editing. It also includes HD audio and video calls for one-on-one and group meetings, make it that much easy to keep connected with your team.


Skype is a free easy to use cross-platform app. Great for one-on-one conversations as well as group chats and works from any location. With its HD voice and video calling you are able to stay connected to your colleagues, clients, friends and family. Latest versions of the app now include features like scheduling group calls, translations for conversations and adding checkmarks and cross marks to emoticons.