• Date: October 2, 2019
  • Author: Pixel
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When you want to run a successful event, event activation is an important part of everything you do. An event marketing agency will assist in finding the best solutions to activate your brand/company through a strategic presence at events.

Having one event marketing agency handle everything is the best way to optimise an event marketing strategy and plan all aspects – as opposed to working with multiple companies.

Event Activation is a full turnkey process that covers every part of your event marketing process from start to finish. It begins with understanding your brand and target audience, designing your displays, gathering leads at the event, staffing your booths and so much more.

From there you will need to start mapping things out. How many events will there be, where will they be held, times to install displays, lighting etc., What all will be needed during the event (electricity, water, internet, etc.). Logistics and managing all those aspects and more is where having proper event activation can really help you be more organised and save money on your budget.

At the end there can be reporting of the entire process, did you meet your goals and leads? Was everything installed successfully? Did you budget correctly? Looking at this and accessing how you could have done better is a critical final step. This will help determine your brand/company’s ROI of your events.

Having an event marketing agency is important as the event professionals know the event space, they will be dedicated solely to your event and know how to maximize results. Event marketing is overall an expensive endeavor and any number of mistakes can cost you. Without a proper understanding of event activation’s you can incur additional fees in any number of the steps.

Having a successful event activation strategy would account for those delays and keep you on time and under budget.