• Date: September 25, 2019
  • Author: Pixel
  • Category: Blog
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Currently there are so many social media platforms out there it can get a bit overwhelming to keep up with. Social media has become a vital part of online marketing so it’s important to look at the different ones and see what could work for your business.

Facebook to this day is still the most popular platform that 79% of users actively use. Over the years it has evolved and become more visual, so its easy to include imagery and video in your posts were relevant. It’s a great platform to share content, get feedback, engage and promote your brand.

This is almost entirely visual-based platform in which users share imagers and videos with captions. It is known as one of the most influential platforms. It has become a very popular platform and is definitely a good idea to utilize. Together with Facebook, posts can be shared amongst the two platforms.

Currently the age of users actively on Twitter are 18-29 years old. So if your target audience is in that range then you want to be on this platform. Twitter does have a character limit so its not a platform where you will provide a lot of information, short snippets work best to promote upcoming events or product updates. Twitter is great to enable customers to easily contact you, but remember that it has a short cycle for posts so you would need to tweet often to ensure you always have the attention of your followers.

LinkedIn is great for both businesses and individuals to create profiles and promote there skills. It is a great platform for networking and gaining new clients. It is important to stay active and engage on this platform.

This platform currently has a target audience of 18-34 years. This platform is great for creating engaging content. Video content is rapidly on the rise each year and has endless creative possibilities. You can easily share your YouTube content to other social platforms as well.

This is only just a small list of social media platforms, there are still many more out there that can be used, these are simply just the most common ones used for businesses.  It can still be overwhelming but you want to choose 2-3 to focus on.