• Date: April 3, 2019
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Did you know that 75% of consumers judge the validity and dependability of your business from your website’s structure and design. This is why it is vitally important to make that your website is user friendly, responsive and contains the relevant content that users seek.

Research demonstrates that 97% of customers research their purchases online before they make a final purchase. Therefore solid, modern and current website design is fundamental to your brand reputation and future growth potential.

1. User Interface/User Experience

Individuals are more web-savvy now than ever before. Today’s website users expect the perfect user experience while interacting online. Envision you visit a site and attempt to make a purchase. However, you experience serious difficulties finding the things you’re searching for. What’s more, the registration procedure is overwhelming and confusing. So would you ride out to the end or rather leave the site and take your money elsewhere? Research has proven that poor UI/UX design is losing a great number of potential sales.

Odds are great that if a buyer isn’t making the effort to complete the purchase, then it means he won’t connect with you at all to even tell you what could be made better on your website for him/her to complete that purchase.

For that reason UI/UX design and client experience are going to be so vitally important for making your online business a success.

2. Plenty of white space

Clean structure is in and visual mess is out.

Simply because plenty of white space creates a more user friendly online experience. White space is a section of the page that is left blank with no imagery or text. In fact, it doesn’t need to be white – it simply should be without content, designs or imagery.

This trend of using white space isn’t new. With a rush to make a superior client experience and more relevant conversions, white space will turn out to be considerably critical in 2019.

3. Custom visual communication and outlines

In an ever growing market you need to make your brand stand out from all your competitors. Web formats have improved throughout the years – they’re currently more adjustable than ever before. Your business can’t afford to be lost in the group or mistaken as a competitor to others.

Changing your website design to be more creative, more interative and user friendly, will help create a better brand for yourself.

4. Bright, bold colors and gradients

PC screens can convey lively, immersed shading more effectively than printed media ever could.


We would be neglectful in the event that we neglected to make reference to angles. Angles appear to run inseparably with the brilliant hues we see on the web. Indeed, the website design world has been considering angles a pattern for such a long time, that they’re to a greater degree a standard than a pattern.

Angles give unobtrusive visual enthusiasm without being excessively occupied. That is the thing that makes them so extraordinary.

At the point when utilized skillfully, angles can help attract watcher’s concentration to the most vital data or suggestions to take action on your site.

5. Mobile integration with responsive design and apps

These days more and more people access websites from the mobile devices rather than there PC’s. Therefore your web pages should be highly optimized to make sure they are fully responsive to be able to display correctly on mobile devices.

Responsive Design

Responsive website design adjusts to the size and state of the device screen used to see your webpage. Professional responsive design gives an incredible client experience to everybody who visits your site. Truth be told, responsive design has turned out to be pervasive to the point that keen organizations are notwithstanding structuring responsive logos to suit distinctive screen sizes! On the off chance that your site isn’t as of now responsive, at that point 2019 ought to be the year that changes that.

Versatile Apps

Versatile applications are programs planned predominately to be utilized on mobile devices. They began as simple as solitary applications for mobile devices. In any case, today, organizations are striving to incorporate the client experience on their versatile applications with their essential sites. Clients have generally expected this kind of consistent coordination.

A few organizations depend on their site as their essential administration. These web applications aren’t only a center point for data or even only an online store. They are perplexing sites with layers of UI.

Sites this complex might be hard to decipher successfully for mobile devices with just responsive structure. You can like wise hope to see an ever increasing number of organizations propelling applications that enable clients to move effectively from application to site and back while keeping up the client’s record data and (obviously) predictable visual brand plan.

6. Video Marketing

Have you at any point wound up viewing an irregular video on the web just because it began auto-playing? You likely spent a decent amount of time watching the shoe swap out on the clasp from Nike’s landing page… Individuals love videos.

Video marketing can catch our attention like no other type of media. In any case, not just that, video marketing can help your SEO rankings as well.

Short video clips draw in users, making an interactive client experience and higher SEO results for your business.