• Date: May 14, 2019
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If you are a business owner and still not utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin and more, then you may be missing out on big business opportunities.

Here’s a few of the many reasons why you should be using social media:

Increasing traffic to your website

Having a website and making it rank on the pages of Google has always been a big deal, having social media can greatly help with this process, the idea is not only to use social media to promote post engagement but also to drive users to your website.

You can simply use social media to drive people to an article on your website, products on your site you wish to sell or to just give users more information about your business.

Customer Interaction

An important aspect of a website as well as social media is the interaction between your business and potential customers, you want to be able to create a personal relationship with customers that could lead to future business relationships.

On social media you can easily share articles, products, information and more, as well as share events and get customer opinions when creating polls and asking for feedback.

Increasing your product sales

The main goal when using social media for business is to convert users into a customer/sale. Creating advertising campaigns can increase product sales as you can specifically target user groups that would more likely purchase your products/services. You can target users by region, age, interests and so much more.

Managing your business reputation

Maintaining the image of your business is very important. Especially when it comes to having your business present on social media platforms, due to there being so many worldwide social media users it is important to have a team or dedicated person that manages your social media reputation.

A single negative comment can go viral and become harmful in an instant, so there should be someone who can manage comments/feedback immediately. Someone to keep track of how customers / potential customers view your products/services.

Social media makes it easy to reach out to customers and communicate in a much faster manner, thus making it easy to maintain good customer relationships.

Market Research

Social media makes it very easy for businesses to conduct surveys and run polls. This helps get information on how your customers view your products/services. This information can always help your business take steps in the right direction if any changes need to be made to improve sales.


Social media is a very affordable was of marketing your business. Most social media tools are free to use and all that’s needed is some time spent to create exposure and drive sales. By having dedicated people or teams managing your social media, your business could develop good relationships with all existing and potential customers.

If you use social media ad campaigns they can also be affordable when you target the right demographic groups and don’t waste money on target the wrong groups.

Global Reach

Social media is used all around the world and tools on these platforms make it so much easier to target bigger groups and regions.

Social media helps to push users to engage with your page, leading them to your profile and hopefully your website.