• Date: May 28, 2019
  • Author: Pixel
  • Category: Blog
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If you aren’t in the online industry you may not know or understand what an SSL certificate is. When you have a website built or maintained it is always important to also look at the security of the website, an SSL certicate (Secure Socket Layer) can make your website more secure as well as create the impression that it is more secure than a website without an SSL certificate.

Having an SSL certificate changes the url of your domain and adds a little lock icon in the top left of the url bar. With a certicate your domain will become https:// instead of an insecure domain which is simply http://.

A few reasons why an SSL certificate is important:

  • Protects your data
    When installing an SSL certificate every bit of information is encrypted. In simple terms the data is locked. It is important to have a secure domain when dealing with ID’s, passwords and online payments.
  • Confirms your websites identity
    An SSL certificate basically provides authentication for your website. Validating that it is reliable domain.
  • Improves your Google ranking
    Its been said that since Google changed its algorithm, HTTPS domains have more authority on Google’s search results.
  • Improves Customer Trust
    Having a secure domain gives customers peace of mind, knowing that a domain is secure customers are more likely to purchase items off your website, as they trust their credit card information will be safe.